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Make your jewels even more meaningful by personalizing them with a name, monogram, coordinates, date or a special message.Personalise now

New Collection

Our new collection allows for even more personalisation

Minerva Ring
Minerva Ring
Regular price$ 110.00 USD
Juno Ring
Juno Ring
Regular price$ 85.00 USD
Real Handwriting RingReal Handwriting Ring
Real Handwriting Ring
Regular price$ 60.00 USD
Arianna Monogram NecklaceTSH JewelryArianna Monogram NecklaceTSH Jewelry
Arianna Monogram Necklace
Regular price$ 70.00 USD
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Our most loved products

The Veritas Ring
The Veritas Ring - TSH JewelryThe Veritas Ring - TSH Jewelry
Regular price$ 29.95 USD
Lana Necklace with Initials Hearts
Lana Necklace with Initials HeartsTSH JewelryLana Necklace with Initials HeartsTSH Jewelry
Regular price$ 44.95 USD
Real Handwriting Bar Necklace
Real Handwriting Bar NecklaceTSH JewelryReal Handwriting Bar NecklaceTSH Jewelry
Regular price$ 55.00 USD
Custom Roman Numeral Bar Necklace
Custom Roman Numeral Bar NecklaceTSH JewelryCustom Roman Numeral Bar NecklaceTSH Jewelry
Regular price$ 45.00 USD
Tiny Star Initials Necklace
Tiny Star Initials Necklace - TSH JewelryTiny Star Initials Necklace - TSH Jewelry
Regular price$ 19.95 USD
Real Handwriting Disc Necklace
Real Handwriting Disc Necklace - TSH Jewelry
Regular price$ 55.00 USD
The Protective Hamsa Necklace
The Protective Hamsa Necklace - TSH JewelryThe Protective Hamsa Necklace - TSH Jewelry
Regular price$ 48.00 USD
Initials Vertical Bar Necklace
Initials Vertical Bar NecklaceTSH JewelryInitials Vertical Bar NecklaceTSH Jewelry
Regular price$ 45.00 USD
Custom quote bar necklace
Custom quote bar necklaceTSH JewelryCustom quote bar necklaceTSH Jewelry
Regular price$ 45.00 USD
Layered Necklace Set: Flora + Senna
Layered Necklace Set: Flora + SennaTSH JewelryLayered Necklace Set: Flora + SennaTSH Jewelry
Regular price$ 39.95 USD
The Athena Necklace
The Athena NecklaceThe Athena Necklace - TSH Jewelry
Regular price$ 60.00 USD

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