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How To Take Fingerprints For Your Fingerprint Jewelry

How To Take Fingerprints For Your Fingerprint Jewelry

Fingerprint jewelry is one of the most meaningful and unique types of personalised jewelry we offer. Many people love fingerprint jewelry as a way to remember a loved one. We've had people order it as memorial jewelry, and people who've ordered it with the fingerprints of their toddlers. 

Our customers often ask us where they can obtain a fingerprint of someone who has passed away, or how they can take good, usable fingerprints of their loved ones at home. This guide will walk you through obtaining a good fingerprint for your fingerprint jewelry.


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You might not realise it, but it's quite likely that you have access to the fingerprints you need. This is especially true if the fingerprint you're trying to get is for a memorial piece of a loved one who's passed away.

- For a loved one who passed away: Funeral homes usually take fingerprints. Please check with them. They're often more than happy to help you create a memorial piece of someone you love

- For those in the military: All soldiers have their fingerprints taken, so you'll likely find theirs in paperwork. Alternatively you can ask the military office they were registered at.

 - For babies: Many hospitals take baby footprints or handprints. Please check with the hospital if they kept a record of it.

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 It's of course also possible to take a fingerprint at home. The instructions below will help you take an adult's fingerprint at home, using nothing more than pencil, tape and some white paper.


When we engrave a fingerprint, we can only make it as good as the fingerprint sample we're given, so you'll want to capture a fingerprint with clearly visible lines.

 Follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Step 1: Make sure that your fingers are clean and dry. Grab a piece of white paper, a pencil and some clear tape.

how to finger print jewelry

Step 2: With a grey pencil, fill in a large patch on the white paper. Layer on the patch with the pencil again and again to get a fair bit of graphite on the paper.

how to finger print jewelry

Step 3: Place your finger over the dark batch to get graphite on your finger.

how to finger print jewelry

Step 4: Gently stick the sticky side of the clear tape on the finger you just pressed onto the paper, and then gently peel the tape off

how to finger print jewelry

Step 5: Stick the tape onto a white piece of paper. Take a photo of the fingerprint 

how to fingerprint jewelry

Step 6: Repeat the steps with that finger or others until you get a good, clear photo. It is always safer to take a couple and let the us choose which one will be best for engraving.

Take as many fingerprints as you can using different fingers, because they will all have different patterns. Some patterns may be more suitable for thumbprint jewelry, or look better on a necklace vs a bracelet vs a ring.


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